Waldmann Lighting Magnifiers and Lights

Whether in laboratories or in the electronics, metal-working or watch-making industries, Waldmann Magnifiers is essential wherever your eyes are put to the test.

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Waldmann Magnifiers


Waldmann Magnifier and Inspection

iWaldmann TEVISIO - LED Magnifier

Waldmann TEVISIO - LED Magnifier

Whether in laboratories or in the electronics, metal-working or watch-making industries, TEVISIO is essential wherever your eyes are put to the test. In manufacturing, assembly, quality assurance or general examination, it applies ergonomic perfection to support highly demanding visual tasks. With the latest LEDs, innovative arm technology and a visual field designed for optimum performance, the TEVISIO magnifier luminaire combines high efficiency with ergonomic design in the workplace.
  • Features
  • 48 premium LEDs
  • 6-inch diameter wide-angle, scratch-proof glass lens
  • Spring-balanced arm for easy adjustments
  • 3.5 diopter or 3.5d + 8d magnification
  • 40% energy savings compared to fluorescents
  • 50,000 hours maintenance-free LED life
  • 100% to 10% dimming by touch
  • ETL/cETL approved

iWaldmann RING LED


The RING LED is the lighting solution for the precise examination of parts for a number of fields of application – from mechanical engineering to research and development. This workhorse of a light is all business. The sleek design is minimal and fits easily into any workspace. The luminaire head is less that ½” thick and a mere 5” in diameter. The specially coated, distortion-free Eschenbach magnifier lens reaches 2.8” in diameter and offers 5.3 distortion-free diopters. Using six innovative LEDs provides critical added value compared to conventional fluorescents: four times more light per watt, considerably lowering energy consumption. These LEDs offer a minimum of 50,000 hours of operating life at 100% brightness level – maintenance free for over six years running 24/7!
  • Features
  • Maintenance-free LEDs with over 50,000 hour lamp life
  • 2.8" diameter distortion-free lens specially hard-coated for scratch-resistance
  • 5.3 diopter magnifier lens
  • Soft-touch sensor on luminaire head switches light on easily
  • Gooseneck arm is strong and flexible, even after 20,000 movements

iWaldmann OMNIVUE™

Omnivue™ features a distinctive fully rotational 3-diopter magnifier lens for precise positioning. Plus three 9-Watt fluorescent bulbs provide two settings for adjusting the light output to 18 or 27 watts.

  • Features
  • Three 9-watt compact fluorescent lamps provide two light levels: 27-watts from top and both sides of the magnifier, or 18-watts of side-to-side lighting
  • Magnifying lens tilts independently of the light source for optimum positioning
  • 3-diopter magnifying lens is made from optical quality glass
  • Two optional ADD-X lenses are available for additional magnification up to 15 diopters
  • UV and ESD models available
  • For longer reach applications, request our OmnivueMax model offering a 43" extended reach arm, ideal for production benches and workstations
  • An optional pin mount for production workstation bushing mounts is available

iWaldmann RLLE - Ring Magnifier

The RLLE Series is a conventional approach to magnification and inspection lighting. It provides 4 diopters of magnification and the most rugged construction of any "ring magnifier" in the industry. An optional snap-in Add-X lens increases magnification to 8 diopters. This light is ideal for dermatology and cosmetic applications.

  • Features
  • A permanent optical glass lens provides 4 diopters of magnification and is 33% stronger than other similar ring magnifiers
  • To increase magnification, the RLLE-122 can be ordered with a 12d bonded inset on the 4d lens
  • For even stronger magnification, a 4d "ADD-X" lens can be ordered for either RLLE model
  • A 22-watt circline lamp provides even light distribution to the work surface
  • Spring-loaded base contributes to adjustability to the light
  • A lens dust cover protects against dust and scratches
  • For longer reach applications, order our "Max" version offering a 43.5" reach and handy "pull" handle
  • An industrial-grade clamp is included

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