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Waldmann Lights


Waldmann Industrial Lights

iWaldmann PAL Industrial Handheld

PAL Industrial HandheldIdeal for areas where space is tight and light is critical such as aircraft inspection, on-site repairs, vehicles, boats, working inside electrical control panels, and HVAC repair.

iWaldmann Universal Workstation SNE-136

Waldmann Universal Workstation SNE-136The SNE-136 provides broad ambient light to work areas and provides daylight illumination by incorporating a 5400K bulb. This multi-functional task light features a 36-watt compact fluorescent lamp that provides even illumination with maximum light output and excellent color rendering. An optional clip-on magnifier lens is also available.

iWaldmann Universal Workstation STE-155

Waldmann Universal Workstation STE-155The STE-155 provides an extra large aluminum housing for maximum light distribution over large work areas and workstations and also features a 55-watt compact fluorescent bulb for bright "daylight" illumination. The long 24.5 inch luminaire head features a built-in parabolic louver providing glare-free illumination and precise light direction.

iWaldmann Universal Workstation SAM

Waldmann Universal Workstation STE-155The SAM Series offers modular construction and design that is adaptable to a broad range of production processes. Compact fluorescent lamps ensure maximum light directed right onto the workstation.

iWaldmann Universal Workstation TAMETO

Waldmann Universal Workstation TAMETOThis rugged work fixture offers a broad light output for workbenches and assembly workstations. Available in LED or energy-efficient T5 fluorescent technology, the TAMETO's sealed design makes it ideal for any type of environment.

iWaldmann Machine Light LUMARTIS

Waldmann Machine Light LUMARTISThe Lumatris is designed with the latest in LED technology, combining high light output with specially designed optics to accentuate accessible light without glare or heat. The Lumatris is constructed of strong, anodized aluminum and 4mm thick safety glass. Its 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation equals evergy and cost savings. Additionally, the eco-mode option allows for even 30% less energy consumption. That, along with the characteristics of LED industrial fixtures makes the Lumatris an ideal choice for even the most volatile machining environments.

iWaldmann Machine Light TANEO

Waldmann Machine Light TANEOTANEO is a truly universal talent. With three available output levels, the TANEO can properly fulfill every illuminance requirement. With high lighting quality and ergonomic handling, it provides optimum working conditions and is incomparable when it comes to adjusting to individual and task-related requirements.

iWaldmann Machine Light Mach LED

Waldmann Machine Light Mach LEDThe Mach LED was designed to light up the area inside a machine while taking a minimum amount of space. The easy installation and 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation ensure maintenance-free performance – a time saver for the operators and the job. The solid construction of the strong anodized aluminum housing and hardened protective glass keep this light impervious to chemicals, flying debris and machine vibration. Available in four standard lengths.

iWaldmann Machine Light ONE LED

Waldmann Machine Light ONE LEDONE LED was developed for the purpose of providing maximum light with a minimal, no-frills housing. Designed as an all-purpose, waterproof LED area light, it can be used in the most confined spaces while providing maximum LED light output using the latest LED chip-array technology. ONE LED can operate in ambient temperatures of up to 120 F º (50 C º) and is resistant to shock, vibration and continuous impact common in production and manufacturing environments.

iWaldmann Machine Light SLIM LED

Waldmann Machine Light SLIM LEDThe Slim LED was designed for machine and equipment use where light is needed but space is limited. Optimum light is ensured using the latest LED technology – liner-light Power Flex, in which the LEDs are directly attached to a flexible circuit board. The mechanizations of this design make it impervious to vibration and impact that may be a factor in some machining conditions. With a protective rating of IP67, the Slim LED is completely waterproof. However, it is not recommended for situations where coolants or lubricants are present.

iWaldmann Machine Light MACH LED PRO

Waldmann Machine Light MACH LED PROMACH LED PRO provides maximum LED light output using the latest LED chip-array technology, eliminating shadows and distortion of the area being illuminated. Suitable for both wet and dry locations, the MACH LED PRO delivers maximum luminous power with minimal space intrusion. It can be mounted either flush or surface-mounted inside the machine housing.

iWaldmann Machine Light HEAD LED

Waldmann Machine Light HEAD LEDThe HEAD LED has purposely been reduced to essential features, using minimal design for maximum performance. As a result, the HEAD LED can be easily integrated into machines and equipment - even when space is tight. Combining LED technology and specially designed Waldmann optics, this flood light provides a major light source with minor space requirements. The HEAD LED measures just under 1-inch in height and less than 2-inches in diameter. there is no space too small for the HEAD LED. This small luminaire can light up an entire machine with its 70- or 100-degree flood. It is also impact and vibration resistant, so ideal for any machining location.

iWaldmann Machine Light FLAT LED

Waldmann Machine Light FLAT LEDThe FLAT LED is designed for wide area illumination using state-of -the art, high output LEDs with specially designed optics to produce intense, wide area illumination in confined spaces. With an overall depth of only 7/8", the FLAT LED can be installed in a variety of applications and is completely waterproof (IP69K) and maintenance-free.

iWaldmann Machine Light SPOT LED 003

Waldmann Machine Light SPOT LED 003The SPOT LED 003 can be flexibly used as either a spot or area light. - LUXEON® K2 LED lamps are used and guarantee constantly high quality of illumination - service life up to 50,000 hours or around 6 years of continous operation - impervious to shock & vibration - high color temperature of the LEDs promotes concentration and precision.

iWaldmann Machine Light ABL Single LED

Waldmann Machine Light ABL Single LEDThe ABL Single LED is designed for tight spot lighting in small or confined areas. A single high performance, high output LED provides pinpoint accuracy and flexible positioning. Available with gooseneck arm, pivoting head or with detachable head for hand held use, the ABLL single LED is perfect for illuminating control panels, drill applications, bench and workstation inspection, vision system applications, CNC machine installations.

iWaldmann Machine Light Halogen HG

Waldmann Machine Light Halogen HGThe HG Series machine light is ideal for work areas requiring an intense light over longer distances. The rugged 32" arm is available for maximum positioning, and the 18" arm is ideal for smaller work areas. The light is IP65 rated (waterproof) and includes a double lens for heat reduction

iWaldmann Machine Light Halogen HSW

Waldmann Machine Light Halogen HSWThe HSW Series is a IP65 rated (waterproof) large halogen light that delivers over 40% more light than standard halogens. Ideal for areas where fluids are present. Used for CNC machinery, mills, lathes, turning centers, and metalworking machinery.

iWaldmann Machine Light Halogen HI-20

Waldmann Machine Light Halogen HI-20The HI-20 Series has been designed to take advantage of the latest halogen lamp technology and is available in several beam angles to accommodate your custom task light needs. The HI Series has a sturdy metal head, and designed for increased service life and protection from the environment. The ability to customize your beam angle and voltage, along with flexible mounting options offers enhanced productivity for your facility.

iWaldmann Universal Machine Flat TEC

Waldmann Universal Machine Flat TECThe Flat TEC is part of the new generation of machine luminaires, offering easy integration, higher light efficiency, considerably longer maintenance intervals, and lower service costs overall. It is ideal for machining areas where a minimum of space is available but a maximum amount of light is needed. Using the new technology of T5HO fluorescent bulbs, Waldmann’s Flat TEC produces higher luminous flux rates, using the same energy consumption, than comparable lamps. It is also IP69K rated, offering protection for high-pressure, high-temperature washdown applications. The dimensions of the Flat TEC make it easy to install in tight spaces – either recessed into the machine wall or using the surface-mount with a 1.65” depth from the wall. 10-year warranty.

iWaldmann Universal Machine Flat TEC Hybrid

Waldmann Universal Machine Flat TEC HybridFLAT TEC HYBRID is the innovative lighting solution for machining and turning centers where space is limited and both spot and flood lighting is necessary. A highly efficient T5HO fluorescent lamp provides strong, ambient illumination. In addition, two LEDs offer pinpoint spot light illumination where more direct illumination is necessary. Lighting can be customized to fit specific needs. Either symmetrical or asymmetrical light can be provided and light sources can be switched together or separately.

iWaldmann Universal Machine AWD

Waldmann Universal Machine AWDIdeal for smaller application requirements, this 11" tubular fluorescent lights are available with and without louvers. Louvers provide glare-free illumination and precise light direction to work surfaces.

iWaldmann Universal Machine WD / EBL

Waldmann Universal Machine WD/EBLThe WD-213 and "head only" EBL-213 are constructed with cast aluminum heads to resist the most aggressive metalworking machinery conditions. Both lights are IP-54 splash protected

iWaldmann Universal Machine ALE

Waldmann Universal Machine ALEThe ALE 458 offers bright, large-area illumination for inspection stations requiring precise color rendering evaluation. With precise optics and special color corrected lamps using 5300K lamps, the ALE offers the highest color rendering available from a fluorescent luminaire.

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